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NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS [Dec. 31st, 2013|04:02 pm]
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Well, there's kinda no easy way to say this, but: I'm not going to be using this journal any more as of 2014, and will be exclusively posting my art - all of it, including sketches, as I did on here - on my art tumblr.

My reasons are various, but it basically boils down to the fact that a) making a full artpost takes me a very, very long time (a whole morning/afternoon of coding/uploading/misc. web wrangling at the very least, not counting the time it takes me to finish each image) and b) most people use tumblr anyway. I'll be losing out on the comments facility, but since the most people really want to do is see my work, I don't think this changes anything!

I am, of course, keeping this journal where it is. It's documented a few very important and tempestuous years of my life. I'm delighted that I did it and that I can go back and look at how I've developed as an artist, but tumblr is just so much easier and quicker for me to use, and I can make it into a constant feed of my work that updates as I finish things, rather than in blocks.

And of course, thank you, dear readers/comment-leavers/fans/misc others for supporting this blog and everything it meant to me. Knowing there's people out there interested in my work really makes everything so much more worthwhile to me. You've all been wonderful and I sincerely hope you'll stick with me for the next segment of my internet presence history.

As ever, all my endeavours are linked off MR LUCIAN DOT COM. See you over on the other blog.

All my love,

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2014-01-01 01:25 am (UTC)


*headbutt* <3