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[artpost lxxxxix][Oct. 23rd, 2013|01:26 pm]
And then it was October, and September had gone right on by with no artpost at all!

The reasons for this are simple:
1. I work at the University of Cambridge and term just got right on back in, so I have no real time to draw at work.
2. I've been spending most of my evenings working on cosplay and other 3D things I can't scan in!

I have, however, made some gorgeous things this month that you can check right out after the jump.

Let's get all the work-and-anywhere-friendly stuff out of the way. Here's a nice magpie I've drawn for myself:

I wanted a dinosaur skeleton originally, but then I was like, you know, birdosaurs innit, so here's a magpie skeleton bird thing with an emerald. Badabing. Going on my left bicep.

My best monsterbro Kirsten and I are getting matching monsterbro inks! These are they:

that's her lynx

and that's my woff :)

More tattoo work for myselfffff.

I went to see one of my absolute favourite plays last month, Titus Andronicus (I'm so predictable wow) at the Swan in Stratford and I'm not even lying when I say I can't really see any point in going to the theatre again ever because I will never see anything that will compare to what I saw that Saturday afternoon, and it's sad that my theatre-going experience peaked at 26, but that's just something I'm gonna have to live with.

I flipped and reworked this piece, above, from the original (below), which contains more gold ink and the wreath isn't symmetrical because it was freehanded and I'm shit at replicating things symmetrically. It's for my right-hand flank above my 'Tis Pity She's A Whore bit. Tragedy leg!! :D

Here's the original non-tattoo-safe version:

I'm delighted that my anatomy game is sufficiently high now that my work still stands if flipped. Good. *ticks off list*

Boring doodle, but planning for another Beardsley black feather on my left lower leg, because that's going to be my bird leg, culminating in a Tzeentch on the back of my calf.

Beardsley stop it, you're ruining my life.

Stuff that isn't tattoos!

GRAECEN<333 little troublemaker <333 my baby<333

And why is Altaiir someone please explain

ugh boy you're so beautiful. stop it stop it

I traced this off an earlier piece of mine with the intention of making it into stickers, but...

...I didn't get it finished in time, woe. Cute, though.

And my favourite thing this month! I did fanart of my other boyfriend.

"Draw what you like," he said. So, erm, here he is being ritually disembowelled and wearing a halo of intestines? A traditional soft meat crown. Uh. It's pretty fucking accurate to what he looks like, though. He is painfully, exaggeratedly thin and has a face like I draw them normally.

Benefits of dating Lucian: #3 - will draw gross fanart of you

Now, here's the important bit! I'm at MCM Expo this weekend in booth AW1 trading under the name MONSTER BOUTIQUE along with Beastly Beverages and Non Serviam jewellery. COME AND PARTY IT WILL BE A PARTY COME COME COME
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