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[artpost lxxxxvii] [Jul. 31st, 2013|01:48 pm]
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I've been stagnating for a while because... I don't know why. I suspect I draw less well when I'm happy? But what sense does that make??! It doesn't.

Either way, to boost my output, I'm going to be drawing A Thing A Day for the whole of August, and I'll be on holiday next week, so I'll have time to work on Void Horror Book. I'm sure you're all totally stokecicled.

Let me tell you about the ferret we have in the house. He is under a year old, absolutely adorable always (even when he has his devil face on and maliciously pees under the dining room chairs) and when he's excited, he looks like this:

He gets overexcited quite easily and goes "buk buk buk" and has a spasm and falls down. He's the best.

My line-in scoundrel, Seb, advocated that I draw up a tattoo design of her gurning face for my lover, Nathan, to get put above his arse as a warning to the others.

Nathan still hasn't had it done, for reasons that elude us.

anyway, here's some other ink designs I've been drawing up for myself, because it's nice to have a queue that you can just casually help yourself to as and when you can afford it.

You've seen this one before; I've just improved on it with better musculature and anatomy and some hard grey shading. Much sexier. if a dog can be described as "sexy"


anyway, here's. this.

Pokemon tattoos are cool. Stop judging me. I can hear you judging. stop it. this is Misdreavus, misdreavus is my favourite (blod blod blod)

this is another re-work of something I did back in 2010

I've improved the weight and balance of the posture, got the lines cleaner and better spaced for inking and minimised the tentacles back to little suggestive goops.

and because I can't have enough monstergod tattoos ever

:) :) :) :)

now some other things!

I drew Zlaijerh as Janus because both sides of his face are interesting, and I like it when he's looking back at his life history with his sighted side and looking forward with his blind side. It's at once gorgeous and really fucking sad. ugh I love him.

I can't stop drawing this shape of animal

this must be the 23985457th thing I've drawn in this shape and pose. my hands are addicted. WHAT CAN I DO
the colours are at least nice

this is the figure work for The Calling's (my local goth night) 18th birthday! featuring THE BLIND

The Blind is trivially easy to persuade to wear stupid costumes and manhandle birds.

And I believe I promised you Weiss :) I'd never renege on a promise of Weiss :)

I just realised that I've not drawn him in a suit very often and he looks so good in them, so here he is in a club collar because of reasons. I really fancy him help

THERE. ALL DONE. See you in a fortnight, I guess? When I'm back from Wales and have AN ASSLOAD OF THINGS TO SHARE.

[User Picture]From: [info]amethystfirefly
2013-07-31 09:32 am (UTC)



The Misdreavus tattoo is really fucking awesome. So is the monstergod tattoo. *_____*

The monsterdog thing's coloring isn't just nice: It's really gorgeous.
From: [info]teh_arpil
2013-07-31 10:52 am (UTC)



why do you draw the best tattoos help