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[artpost lxxxxv][Jun. 21st, 2013|10:39 am]
Oh, my children. Let me tell u a thing. I'm going to horsepital for an surgery on Monday, and this will wipe me up for the rest of the month, I imagine. So I'm going a big-ass artpost now and I'll get back to you in July. Sound fair? Good. I'm going to be keeping the world almost excessively up-to-date via my Twitter and possibly also in longer form on tumblr if you're curious/worried/whatever. Well-wishes and softness are going to be well appreciated because frankly I'm scared, and don't know how I will deal with the recovery.

Anyway, here's June's artpost! It doesn't contain any of the commissions I did over MCM because I forgot to take photographs this time, oh wells. You'll just have to imagine them.

here is a comic that actually happened

Oh, sorry mr shouting man, it's just you sounded like you wanted to do a punch? maybe you didn't idk

(for reference, my hair is bright orange)

AND NOW: PONIES. I drew lineart ponies of everyone in my house, and we spent a lovely evening colouring them in. I am not sharing their ponies because I forgot to ask if they didn't mind me sharing their coloured-in ponies as I uploaded everything, so you just get mine (I am still getting the hang of my new laptop's monitor, hence why all the white balance is fucked up)


guess I have a ponysona now. /casually dies

NOW MORE DIFFERENT PONIES because as I have just demonstrated, I can't draw show-accurate ponies for shit

oh pinkie pie<3
(I should have coloured her :/)

obviously Rarity is my favourite (HINT: WAY TO MY HEART IS WITH RARITY-THEMED TAT)

I actually really love this. I might make her into a sticker. Would you buy a nice Rarity sticker like this?


I love her shape and the way the stripes make her all round and solid, but she's not even remotely show-accurate :') I even forgot her cutie mark :') what is fandom, how to fanart

okay time for POKEMON FUSION

This is a big thing on Tumblr (or was last week; the internet moves fast) and what you do is you make a fused Pokemon here and then draw it for reals. hilarity always ensues.

I made some majestic bad-ass ones first

Zudash is genuinely sexy. I'd have a go.

And Cutales, fuck. u gotta stop this u babe

And then, um. then I hit random a bunch of times and drew anything that made me pee myself laughing.


then I drew a bunch of shit leopards, all of which I hate except that yawning one

their skulls, though. leopards are probably my favourite big cat after tigers. Or maybe the same as tigers, I haven't decided. I just love how fucking ready they are, at all times, to nosh down on humans. they're so ready.

then I drew me and my crew, of course. here's Mal of Crew Stardust, with a MISANDRY CROWN

drawn super-fast in between commissions at MCM, hence the wut is anatomy going on


definitely daddy's favourite at the moment (I have Him tattooed on my thigh)

AND MORE MAL because how to stop drawing eroticised dead/dying boys????

Annnnnd me. obvs

i like that my self-portraits now can involve stubble and be 100% accurate.

also this, because this is what I do for a work (no really) (well actually it's lectures not parties apparently but that's bullshit, everyone knows lectures are really parties with more speakywords and handouts)

OKAY THAT IS THE WHOLE OF MY ART, I hope you come back for next month because there's a whole bunch of stuff I didn't put in this because it was unfinished to a degree I'm not comfortable with sharing, more ponies, incest and Bronze, to be precise. Hooray! see you on the other side (if I don't die lol) xxxxxxxxx
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