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[Mar. 28th, 2013|06:02 pm]

1) omfg that comic about old werewolves. there is so much about it I could gush about but I'll stick with THAT CUTE DOGGIE
2) please can I have a series of Weiss The Cheerleader or Weiss The Magical Girl or Weiss In Tiny Skirts because omfg I have discovered this is a thing I need like BURNING
3) why aren't wasps the answer to everything, seriously tho
4) Rose is quite pleased with these HS doodles and agrees about the bullshit website and also mentions that you would enjoy the tentacle porn (gosh, tentacle porn)
4a) She would also like to mention that she sometimes wonders how some of the trolls walk into doors and stuff without hurting themselves because wow, what the hell are those horns doing, and also what are they for, they look ridiculous
5) I know how you feel re: sharing actual porn one has used for it's original purpose and while I am wishing I could know I would also like to admit I never post things I wank to, either, so
it's not weird or anything
in fact if I posted the things I drew or found that were wank material in my book there would be A Lot Of Confused Looks and possibly wasps

yes I am done being weird on your lovely art post now
I love the colouring on dogboy's tail and also wow, Lutur, wow those HEELS
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