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[artpost lxxxxii] [Mar. 28th, 2013|01:19 pm]
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I-I'm doing this from work. I shouldn't, but I am. The fact is, internet, that I have a new job. It's a lovely job, yes; but it's full time, so I don't have as much free time as I used to. On the plus side, no1 curr about internets, and I get an hour for lunch. Bonus! heh, boners So here's yer artpost. There's. well. there's some porn in it, but NOT AS MUCH AS THERE COULD BE. I drew a lot of porn this month, and it was so severely disgusting (and quite personal) that I can't possibly share it. Maybe when I eventually do that porn book when I've found a printer with no scruples.

I dunno, internet. I just don't like sharing porn that I'm 100% into. I can give you stuff that I've found hot, but not stuff I've actually gotten off to. You know? It's just too... too personal. I mean, I could always not tell you, but it still feels a bit weird, like I've let you see my wank fantasies. Which is exactly what it'd be. So you don't get it. Sry.

There's nowt in colour this month because I've been stupid and not coloured what I originally wanted to colour and not scanned stuff that is in colour because I've left it all about in random places. You'll get all that next month, then, I guess!

Let's get the swathes of embarrassing MLP fanart out of the way, shall we?

I was going to colour this, but I fell out of love with it pretty fast and couldn't be bothered. It's human!Rarity, because she's Korean in my head, Discord (everyone can be very surprised now that I liked Discord, go on) and, um, me. Don't worry, this isn't the worst I've done.

This is.

There's Babylon as a pony. And there's Mussolini as a pony. There's a trend for drawing everything - including completely inappropriate things - as ponies, and I thought I'd contribute. Mussolini pony. He's going to drain the marshes and invade Libya with the Power Of Fascism. My Little Nationalist: Fascism Is Magic.

Now that I have made myself feel tremendously unwell because I remembered that while I think Mussolini pony is hilarious, there are people that etc. etc., let us turn to more savoury subjects, such as this nice dogboy sucking his own cock.

This came about because I was asking Kelen if, as someone who's half dog, can he lick his own balls. He demonstrated. THANKS, KELEN.


I drew a comic detailing precisely how little I understand what Homestuck is. This is two pages containing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I KNOW about Homestuck.

Now, I mentioned I was doing this on Twitter and within two hours, I had five people message me in various ways, telling me about Homestuck. Some were amazingly verbose. I hadn't asked to be told about Homestuck. I don't want to know about Homestuck. I'm happier not knowing. I did this as a joke to amuse myself, because I love how the few facts I do know make absolutely bugger all sense next to each other.

Please don't tell me about Homestuck.

All my knowledge comes second-hand from other people posting on Tumblr. I have never read it because I can't.

what is a Dave

Then I drew the last few comics from my previous workplace!

ah shit not again

and this one, which I love

WHAT happened to YOU
holy SHIT i have NO IDEA why someone I previously registered as A LADY now LOOKS LIKE A BOY
fuckING HELL what is a trANS



and this is a comic from my new place of work, drawn on the back of an envelope, because that's how classy I am

Weiss Dressed As A Cheerleader is my favourite, favourite thing. I might just draw that for this afternoon, actually. Just Weiss. In tiny skirts. Smoking, passively-aggressively.


I'd like to draw one for Young Werewolves and Fae, too, because they're my best most favouritest monsters and young werewolves are 400% hilarious, GRAECEN. And the Fae all come across a bit... uh, obsessive.

Speaking of the Fae, here's Lutur:

This isn't finished, as you can see, but it will be GLORIOUS when it's done because la la la la He's using Carlos as a footrest la la la la laaa glee glee glee OH ALSO I drew an amazing piece of Lutur this month that I'm going to have as a thigh piece, but I didn't get it finished in time to scan with this batch.

I have recently started a new ropelay, as you know, and here's some more drawings from that.

Muqtadir has little to no knowledge of how other species code their genders. Florian is a man horse.

That is all I had to say. Enjoy the art and tune back in in a couple of weeks when there'll be more, as usual. <3

[User Picture]From: [info]comeonoveragain
2013-03-28 06:02 pm (UTC)


1) omfg that comic about old werewolves. there is so much about it I could gush about but I'll stick with THAT CUTE DOGGIE
2) please can I have a series of Weiss The Cheerleader or Weiss The Magical Girl or Weiss In Tiny Skirts because omfg I have discovered this is a thing I need like BURNING
3) why aren't wasps the answer to everything, seriously tho
4) Rose is quite pleased with these HS doodles and agrees about the bullshit website and also mentions that you would enjoy the tentacle porn (gosh, tentacle porn)
4a) She would also like to mention that she sometimes wonders how some of the trolls walk into doors and stuff without hurting themselves because wow, what the hell are those horns doing, and also what are they for, they look ridiculous
5) I know how you feel re: sharing actual porn one has used for it's original purpose and while I am wishing I could know I would also like to admit I never post things I wank to, either, so
it's not weird or anything
in fact if I posted the things I drew or found that were wank material in my book there would be A Lot Of Confused Looks and possibly wasps

yes I am done being weird on your lovely art post now
I love the colouring on dogboy's tail and also wow, Lutur, wow those HEELS
[User Picture]From: [info]comeonoveragain
2013-03-28 07:53 pm (UTC)



I would like to see Blodsquid if you feel bored :3
[User Picture]From: [info]comeonoveragain
2013-03-30 03:01 pm (UTC)


L I think that anon down there is mE FROM ANOTHER TIME PERIOD
From: (Anonymous)
2013-04-01 06:25 pm (UTC)



Honey tis not I either. I always declare my name, which is currently a bit like a soda stream and a sandwich maker fondling with clandestine intent in a sexy grove of magic mushrooms & tree top peepholes.

There is a straight line made of banquet fruit, I have placed all my belongings on the desk and have tapped them accordingly.

.. I love tapping things ...
[User Picture]From: [info]vogueress
2013-03-29 02:22 pm (UTC)


I actually laughed out loud at the Babylon pony.

Also, hello, I miss you.
From: (Anonymous)
2013-03-30 12:28 am (UTC)



1) I am utterly delighted by the old werewolf comic above, I pretty much lost all my ability to can at the panel with the dog and where he was barking at the passing car.
2) I think I would like to adopt 'because wasps' as the answer to all questions so off base they're not just right, they're not even wrong from now on.
3) I am a homestuck, think your summary was beautiful, and will not attempt to tell you about it as it would be irritating and spoil the magic.
From: (Anonymous)
2013-04-01 01:51 am (UTC)



I'm enjoying your art in the exquisite comfort of my own home , itit's gorgeous! I'd love to fill my home with a little of it , art in the home is best , in the home . I love home . And art . I love art in the home .
Home, yes. Where I learn things.

^^^ Love the juicy bit where it gets bim'd! Shit the thing about the british trains, shop and the glass doors rocked as well. ;)

You have so much talent! :)

Bless the fraternity of the night owls!
From: [info]
2013-04-02 09:02 am (UTC)


There is so much wonderfulness here! I lost it at Nein.gif. I also love your feet in the accidentally National Front cartoon. The picture of Kelen is, well, enlightening.

More Muqtadir, please!

I noticed the linework is different from usual in the (fabulous) picture of Lutur & Carlos. Is this how your art usually starts off and it's not been finished in the usual way, or is it a conscious decision and will stay this way? I can not art but I am interested. :)

Also, I am very interested in your terms for commissioning tattoo designs. I will send you an email about that.
[User Picture]From: [info]sternenstaub
2013-04-02 09:18 am (UTC)


The unfinished picture of Lutur and Carlos demonstrates how my lineart looks before I colour anything. It's not weighted - as you can see, all the lines are the same thickness. This is so that I can colour and shade without the lines getting in the way and biasing how dark I make the dark bits. I then go back in with line pens and weight the lines once it's coloured. This is also partially to cover up all the bits where my colouring seeps outside the lines!

I am interested in drawing tattoos. It's my favourite work. Do throw me an email to the usual place.
[User Picture]From: [info]amethystfirefly
2013-04-02 12:29 pm (UTC)


Lovely work as usual. I love the Babylon pony and the werewolf cartoon. ♥

I must have more pictures of Weiss dressed as a cheerleader!