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[artpost lxxxxi] [Feb. 26th, 2013|11:59 am]
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[User Picture]From: [info]comeonoveragain
2013-02-26 05:52 pm (UTC)


1) I greatly enjoy Omen it is the greatest void horror since Babylon
2) your God art is sexy
3) that silly beehive is so fab and reminds me greatly of James in that he loves those eyelashes because James loves them also
I think they could be friends
4) I am desperately wishing I had a rp campaign to play, especially one that looks as fun as yours
and the striped hyena was a good call

quietly scuttles off again
[User Picture]From: [info]comeonoveragain
2013-02-26 07:15 pm (UTC)


definitely called Mal a silly beehive instead of his hat
a thousand apologies =_=