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[artpost lxxxxi][Feb. 26th, 2013|11:59 am]
Hi! I have a day off work today, so you get an artpost. Aren't you lucky!

There aren't many things in it, but I have been making things with my hands instead AND I STILL HAVEN'T BLOODY TAKEN ANY PICTURES, cor, you lot, you're meant to get on at me and pester me to take pics, you know? Get on it! Or I'll slack off! Honestly. I've made a wig and customised some boots and all sorts.

This is the second artpost of February 2013 and it contains mostly void horrors because of reasons. There's a lot of unfinished stuff that I didn't add to this because it was so unfinished that you couldn't even tell what it is. Oh well, next time.

What's that? You wanted... VOID HORRORS?

This is Mr Wriggles. I'm pretty sure it's not actually called Mr Wriggles, but that's the name that came into my head when I saw it, and it's... sort of stuck. So we have now Tower, Babylon, Omen, The Beast Of Teeth and... Mr Wriggles.

Everyone's favourite<3

Basically, if you don't find Babylon even a little bit sexy, you are a liar and a knave.


Omen's mask is what I'm making next because I think I've worked out how to make a bunch if tiny mouths for on the back of my head. Plus, check out my hilaribad freehanded text art!

then I did god art

move along

And then! I have a new job, yeah, so it's goodbye to the sexual health clinic in two short weeks (wow) and so I'm finishing up with a bunch of comics from working there. This is about my lovely boss.


And now, I've started playing in another roleplaying campaign so obvious character art obviously. I initially couldn't decide whether they had the head of a painted dog or a striped hyena.

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians used to forcefeed striped hyenas to death and then eat them? There's a mural of it. Imagine putting that on a murial. "Darling, what should we have for the mural in the living room?" "Oh, what about that time we forcefed a hyena to death?" "Perfect! I'll inform the artist"

So I settled on a striped hyena.

Did you know that men who had sex with men in countries where there's striped hyenas used to harvest the anuses of male hyenas and wear them to attract boys? Imagine that.

Their name is Muqtadir and they are a shaman.

They extrude their anus in friendly greeting.

Speaking of anuses, here's Mal dressed as the Pope.

That silly beehive he's wearing is the Papal tiara, in case it wasn't clear.

This picture came about because I learnt that the last Pope to resign was called Celestine (Celestine V) and what fucking kind of a name is that??? That's not the name of a Pope, that's the name of a hot, submissive, queer porn starlet. So then I drew Mal dressed as the Pope. YOUR MOVE, CATHOLICISM.

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