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[artpost lxxxx][Feb. 8th, 2013|07:10 pm]
I am actually forgetting how to Roman numerals. Is that right? That's right, isn't it? lol oh well

This is a short artpost, because I've been spending my time making things (boots with teeth on, a neon scarf, a wolf mask) rather than drawing and man I feel bad about it. I will do better this month. Mind you, those boots are superb. Remind me to take pictures.

So it's Valentine's Day soon, which I hate. If you, like me, can't be bothered with the compulsory sexuality nonsense, please feel free to print this out and give it to people that you just don't like as much as werewolves.

I really just wanted to draw werewolves this week. Here's Bronze in a gasmask because why not.

You can tell from both this drawing and the above card that I like big necks and I cannot lie. I like big, thick curving necks with shaggy fur on. That is what is best in life.


Here's my astute political commentary on "equal marriage". Hint: I'm cross because it's not actually equal and lol fuck trans* people. You're welcome.

Then I drew Mal a bit.

This sucks, but I liked how high he bounced.

And I love this, actually

Oh look I can still draw high gloss materials in just biro. Go me! wooo. Mal I love you ugh ugh ugh perfect boy ugh

Then I drew this-world people for a bit, this is my friend Andrew who has a superpower:

The point of Andrew is to explain to the rest of us what is happening in shitty films that we're watching. He has a preternatural ability to follow and explain plots in things, even when doing so appears literally impossible. That's his superpower. Kind of cross that I chose transformation and walking in heels now.

Annnnnd this is my lush boyfrrnd

he's really easy to draw because his face looks like one of my drawings naturally anyway


oh my god I'm so sorry Rarity is my favourite please don't judge me I'm leaving now

THAT'S ENOUGH LOL BYE little pony, lucian is magic
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