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[artpost lxxxix][Jan. 18th, 2013|09:40 pm]

It's now how many weeks into 2013 and I'm only just posting art. I am the worst internet art daddy. I am so sorry.

Anyway, here's a bunch of stuff. This one contains some bloody, violent monster porn so if you don't like that sort of thing, go stare out the window for an hour instead, I dunno. Also there's some dead saint porn, too, so if you might be a bit worried about the flagrant sacrilegious objectification of a saint, you can join the people who don't like violent bloody porn in the window seat.

I've noticed my art has waaaay improved since last year. Isn't that nice!

Let us begin our quest with that saint porn, then.

I can't really be a true self-respecting queer artist without having done a St Sebastian. And, because it's me, he's also gotta be very broken, very dead and covered in blood. Tum te tum.

Hey, remember ages ago when I drew Weiss naked, upside down? I really like the idea of that image, but it wasn't any good - hell, nothing I did in 2008 was any good - but I've redone it now and it's much better. Behold:

Lush. I am mad in love with solid black and my gold Painty at the moment, as you can see. I want to try to use the silver end a bit more to even it out...

And so here's that really horrible gore porn I promised you. Void horrors! I love them.

It's like. I go and have a look to see if any of them are doing anything interesting and it's always awful. Oh wells.

Then I drew Mal with a bunch of highlighters because I'm Classy As Fuck

I miss drawing with highlighters. But then, when I drew with highlighters, I was also an ignominious fuckhead who thought drawing with highlighters was edgy and cool.

Speaking of Mal, here's him with foxy bits.

I hardly ever draw him with foxybits, because he's a werefox but a shit one that can't be all foxy ever because he sucks. So drawing him with foxybits reminds him that he sucks and makes him sad, but he was okay with these drawings "because they're cute as fuck" so. I love him.

Speaking of werethings:

It's like three wolf moon! Only with werewolves. And wangs. Me, Graecen and Bronxe. So there.

My lovely boyfriend thomas wanted me to draw him a fursona, so I did this:

It's a catskunk. It climbs and stinks and nuzzles.

Then I drew an owl harpy for some pointless Twitter reason

I think I've drawn this boy before, you know? Who knows, maybe I'll draw him again some day. He's pretty cute. NOTE TO SELF: NO OWL HARPY PORN


here is monster

his name is mr stomperson

he has a cousin called miss rompsalot

anyway, about transitioning which is completely fascinating and you're all fascinated I know I KNOW but look, this is literally what happened when I went to have my bloods done

You know how when you have a regular sick, doctors write letters to departments and stuff? When you're transitioning, no-one talks to anyone about anything ever and you have to guess and do it all yourself! It's awesome

PS. the first person to tell me that That's How It Is In All The NHS is going to get a special kick in the throat because a) no it isn't and b) no it isn't :)

So I'm reading (!) a play (okay fine) at the moment, it is called Lucifer and it is by Joost van den Vondel and THIS IS THE SUMMARY OF IT:

It is a smashing play and I thoroughly recommend it, but this is pretty much the entire plot and feel, so you don't even need to bother reading it now! :D

AND HERE are the illustrations for my as-yet-not-up BadRep review of Les Mis, which I neither loved nor hated, mostly enjoyed because of the dead boys in uniform, and didn't cry about even remotely and certainly don't think any of the characters are possible to care about even remotely, except Javert who I'd do forever repeatedly into a pulp.



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