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[Dec. 15th, 2012|09:41 am]
Oh, hooray, I love *everything* in this artpost! (Although I am a little disappointed that we didn't get a photo of the Mardi Gras toenails.)

It is great to see another picture of Omen. It's hitting a really strong overlap in squick/fascination for me, so thanks for that. :) I think the texture in the skin veil is dead on here - see the photos halfway down this page on tattoo collectors if you haven't already:

Colours! So many colours! I especially like the ones in the testosterone comic and in the picture of you, Blod and Myrrh. There's something wonderfully calm in that picture.

Z said that he really likes the picture of Luxari and that it reminded him of mediaeval or Tibetan art. Seb as St Sebastian is just hilarious. Her face!

Finally, Salome is truly beautiful. Thank you for not having too long a gap between tweeting about the picture and posting it here so I didn't die of anticipation.
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