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[artpost lxxxii][Nov. 24th, 2012|11:53 am]
I am so bad at doing two artposts a month. I'm a bad internet daddy. I'm so sorry.

Anyway, MCM was the best thing ever - I've not yet collated all the commissions I did during it, but I will, and then you can see the sort of thing I get paid money to draw.

Here's this month's sporadic random bollocks - no porn again! I know! What the fuck? I feel weird.

Speaking of porn, does anyone know a printer that will print pornographic art? Inky Little Fingers explicitly does not. I want to make a porn book :(


Firstly, a lesson we should have all learnt by now - don't sit still near me in cafes.

She was so pretty though *__*

And then Weiss, sorry

my pen slipped

AND THEN I DREW me and V ruining a tiny city

tiny Lego Ragnarok

Then I realised that I draw Weiss as really tall and have never drawn him next to Lutur, who is taller

I mean, the height is all heels, but look at Him.

Then I practised radial patterns for a while because I wanted to get one exactly right for another piece, which is below.

Oh g'warn, have a dribbly one

And this was the piece that I was drawing them for :D


I have called this one THE FUN WORM

it looks like it's having fun

And this is a new void horror.

It is called Omen. That veil is its skin. Underneath is all mouths.

And with that lovely image in mind, here is Blod eating a cushion.

The cushion was too similar, and therefore a threat.

RIGHT, that's it - don't forget to check out MY AWESOME SHOP for Christmas goodies!
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