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January 1st, 2020

[exciting public infodump] [Jan. 1st, 2020|10:25 am]
Hello there. This journal is owned by Lucian (Lupie) of [info]sternenstaub, and is used as a public dumping-place for all his scribbles, doodles, paintings and miscellaneous arty what-not. Some of it is finished, and some of it is not. Some of it will be finished, some of it is doomed to languish unfinished forever.

You may have noticed recurring characters in the art. There's a reason for this that I promise isn't as crazy as it initially sounds, and that reason can be found here, if you're interested.

Other Lupie Projects can be found thus:

- his portfolio
- his Twitter (for live requests and things)
- his art Tumblr

Comments and criticism welcomed on any of the posts on here. An RSS feed of this journal can be found here for those who prefer to feedread. Be warned that the posts on here are usually NSFW!

Continued and jubilant thanks for your continued support!
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